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Natural Soap

Intuitive Energy Therapy

Helping Individuals Align To Healthy Patterns Of Being And Eliminate Self Sabotaging Elements Within Their Life.


New Beginnings

Every moment offers you a beautiful opportunity to experience new beginnings. Regain your personal power.

Yoga at Home


Powerful transformation has the ability to occur when like minded individuals gather together for one common goal. 

Energy Inspired

Energy Therapy/Energy Medicine approaches the body as a scientific complex. A living and consciously interacting system. Often termed "life force" by many ancient traditions. Our physical body also contains a subtle energy body (now identified within the main stream scientific community) which includes a bio electric & magnetic field. This field affects both psychological and physical health and has a direct effect on wellbeing.

Holding a Branch

Doing Reiki with Rebecca was such an amazing experience. I had no idea she would be able to read my energy as well as she had, especially through zoom. She was 100% spot on about everything. If you are wanting to learn more about yourself, heal from trauma, or simply find some peace, please try Reiki with Rebecca. I promise you won't be sorry.

Katie, South Carolina
Distance Reiki Session

Learn To Soothe Your Soul